• Common Workout Injuries and How to Make Them Heal Faster

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    Injuries come with the territory of working out and pushing your body to the limit. Although injuries can be incredibly frustrating to athletes, it is imperative that you listen to your body, rest, and take the proper steps to ensure that you have fully healed before jumping back into your exercise routine. Here are four of the most common workout injuries and steps that you can take to speed the healing process.

    Ankle Sprain

    Because the pain from an ankle sprain is mostly caused by inflammation, it is most important to begin treating the swelling immediately. The tried and true “RICE” method employs the use of rest, ice, compression, and elevation to treat the inflammation and get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Anti-inflammatory medicine can also be helpful in reducing pain and swelling.

    Lower Back Strain

    Pain in the lower back may be a sign that you have pulled a muscle surrounding the spine. After icing the area to reduce the swelling, an option would be to use a heated wrap. Moist heat wraps more effectively penetrate the skin, reaching the sore muscle quickly. Moist heat also decreases the chance of skin irritation compared to its dry heat treatment counterpart.

    Shin Splints

    Formally known as medial tibial stress syndrome, shin splints are a common problem for runners and those who use repetitive movements in their workout routine. To speed the healing, it is recommended that athletes check to make sure they are wearing proper shoes, perform regular warm up exercises, and gradually increase the intensity of the training. If the symptoms seem more serious then going to a physical therapist and receiving treatment might be the best option. The use of foam rollers can also help loosen the fascia and correct any biomechanical problems leading to the issue.

    IT Band Issues

    Iliotibial band syndrome is an inflammation of the band that runs the outside of the leg connecting the knee to the hip. This feeling of tightness and discomfort is most common among cyclists and runners. Cross-training in a pool is a great way to treat the injury and speed up the recovery process. Massaging the affected area also often yields good results. The best way to prevent and treat it is commonly to strengthen the hip and gluteal muscles since those tend to be fairly weak in comparison to other large muscle groups.

    In addition to specific injury remedies, it is also critical to always hydrate, get plenty of rest, allow yourself ample recovery time between workout sessions, and continually monitor your body and warning signs that you are overdoing it. By following these steps, you can help your body perform at higher levels.

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  • 4 Essential Oils to Use After a Workout

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    Essential oils have become increasingly popular over the past few years. With a desire to use more natural remedies, people have replaced conventional health solutions with essential oils. It makes sense that this desire would trickle into the fitness community.

    If you’re looking for natural ways to boost workout recovery, then here’s a look at four essential oils and the post-workout benefits they provide.

    Black Pepper Essential Oil

    Black pepper essential oil contains a wide array of phytochemical compounds that can be favorable to human health. The main compound in black pepper oil is piperine. Piperine has many benefits. It has great properties that can help provide relief for sore muscles. But, make sure black pepper is diluted before applying to the skin. Piperine aids in bioavailability—meaning that the body is better able to absorb its nutrients.

    Piperine can be an important digestive assistant when ingested, because it assists the body as it processes food through the stomach. During workouts, digestion takes a backseat to the body’s support for skeletal muscles. Black pepper oil can be extra beneficial if an athlete has post-workout gastrointestinal distress.

    Lemon Essential Oil

    Lemon essential oil is known to boost energy and brighten mood. After an especially grueling workout, adding a few drops of lemon oil to a glass of water will help with exhaustion. Lemon oil is important in building and maintaining one’s immunity. Athletes need to stay healthy, so immune-boosters can go a long way towards promoting long-term health.

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Eucalyptus oil, like black pepper oil, has well-known properties. There can be some strain on muscles during a workout. When massaged, Eucalyptus oil can help lessen the tension associated with a workout. A few drops can be applied topically to the skin and rubbed in for relief.

    Peppermint Essential Oil

    Peppermint oil can be used before and after a workout. It has energy-boosting, properties. But one of the most interesting properties of peppermint oil is that its scent can be motivating, which may help to lessen the amount of effort an athlete feels they are putting into a workout. So add some peppermint oil into your workout routine and see if you notice a difference in how you feel.

    Final Thoughts

    Essential oils can be extremely beneficial to athletes for post-workout recovery. Rigorous exercise can wreak havoc on the human body. This is why most serious athletes use some type of supplement to help their bodies after working out. Essential oils can be a natural replacement for these supplements or a great addition to any workout program.

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  • Best Exercise Tips to Speed Up Weight Loss Results

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    Many of us struggle with the goal of losing weight. While it's easy to dream about the perfect body, adhering to fitness routines and diet plans can be intimidating. A lot of people quit just a couple weeks into their new workout regime, but there are ways you can heighten both your motivation and results.


    One of the best ways to generate intensity in your workouts is with the power of song. Listening to music can help you power through hard workouts by taking your mind off the stress. You'll be able to work harder and longer which will help you lose weight more quickly.

    Music makes exercise more entertaining. Going on long walks can get boring after a while, but a blast of your favorite tunes will keep you pepped up. Dancing to music is also a fun and vigorous workout that you can do in the privacy of your home. The rhythm and beat of the music will help you move and forget you're working at all.


    If you've found yourself stuck in a weight-loss plateau, interval training can help snap you out of the rut and get you shedding weight again. The concept involves doing a low to moderate intensity activity and then increasing to a short burst of high-intensity exercise.

    One of the most common ways to do this is with walking intervals interspersed with sections of jogging. Your heart rate will climb to its limit and then rest, pushing your body to burn calories and make progress.


    Playing games is a way to turn working out into play time, which can help you stay motivated on days when putting your sneakers on and taking vitamins feels like a chore. Getting involved with team sports is one way, but if you're more into solo exercise, there are many video games and apps that encourage you to be active.

    Dance games on home consoles will track your calories burned as you mimic moves on the TV screen. You can also use your phone to download a variety of apps that track your progress while providing virtual incentives to lose weight and get stronger.

    The best way to make exercise more worthwhile is by simply making it fun. If you dread working out each day, you're never going to see the results you crave because you're more likely to quit early. By tapping into your inner child, staying active and losing weight will come with swiftness and grace.

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