What You Need to Know Before Running at Night

While early risers are applauded for their efforts to get up before dawn and get in a run, you can also fit running into a busy schedule by hitting the streets at night. Running after dark can be liberating and tranquil; however, it also comes with a host of risks that must be managed for a safe experience. Here are three things to know before lacing up your running shoes at night.

Be Aware

The biggest thing to remember when running at night, as UW Medicine suggests, is to always be aware. It is far better to run without any distractions in your ear. However, if you must listen to something, it is better to choose an audiobook or a podcast rather than music. It is easier to pay attention and stay aware when listening to a single voice as opposed to music. You should also only use one headphone, keeping your other ear available to hear what is going on around you.

Wear Bright Clothing

One of the primary concerns of night running is visibility. Wearing bright clothing while out on your run will help to ensure that you are visible to drivers, reducing the chances of an accident. According to The Patel Law Firm, it also might be a good idea to carry a small flashlight so that cars can see you when you cross the street. It is recommended to stick to well-lit and populated areas so that you reduce the risk of potential danger. To further increase your safety, wear clothing that is not only bright but also has reflective strips on it.

Tell Someone Your Plan or Invite a Partner

When it comes to running at night, there is safety in numbers. A group of runners or even a pair are more intimidating than a solo runner. Ideally, as Runner’s Goal suggests, you will find a running group to share this nighttime workout experience with. If you must take to the roads on your own, it is vital that you always inform a friend or family member of your route and when you should be expected back. You can also turn on your phone to allow your course to be tracked while you're out on the run.

Running at night gives you a unique solitude and escape not found when running during the middle of the day. Running after dark can also help you avoid the daytime summer heat. With the right precautions, you will enjoy a safe and rewarding running experience.

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