Less-Commonly Considered Ways Cigarettes Can Ruin Your Life

Most people know that smoking causes serious health issues, like heart disease and lung cancer. However, these are not the only negative consequences that come from smoking. If you’re a smoker and trying to motivate yourself to quit, here are three less commonly considered reasons why you should give it up.

Burning Bridges

Smoking is an addiction, and like most addictions, it can have negative effects on your relationships. It’s hard to imagine a smoker being paired with someone who regularly takes care of their health. Eventually, there is likely to be conflict and even a breakup as the non-smoker asserts his or her right not to be around second-hand smoke. Additionally, smoking affects stamina by reducing lung capacity. It even affects the blood flow to the heart and other parts of the body. These effects can have negative consequences on a couple’s intimacy.

Getting Lit - Literally

Cigarettes are so ubiquitous that we often forget that they are literally an open flame. Cigarettes left unattended leave cigarette burns on your furniture, on side tables and on the carpet. However, a cigarette burn spot on your couch pales in comparison to the damage that a full-blown cigarette-caused fire will have. Aside from possibly burning your house down, there’s an even greater risk with cigarettes that are left unattended. Cigarettes are the cause of the most fatal fires out of all causes. When you light up, you set yourself up for the risk of a fire, fire-related injuries and even death.

Smoke Damage on Clothes and Furnishings

Cigarette smoke causes significant damage to your home, your furnishings and your clothing. Over time, the smell and the smoke stains will damage these items to the point that they have to be thrown out. It’s a costly prospect, to say the least. Additionally, because smoke causes odors and stains even in rooms where you don’t smoke, your home will be filled with the evidence of your habit. This can be particularly detrimental if you ever want to sell your home. Most buyers will turn away from a house like this because it is almost impossible to get the stains and the smell out of the house once they’ve set in.

You probably understand that your smoking habit is costing you a great deal. After all, it’s likely that you spend $5 a day or more on packs of cigarettes, which adds up. However, there are also hidden costs to your health, your home, your belongings and your relationships that you might not have considered. In the long run, you have so much more to lose than you think by continuing this habit.

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