How to Create a Back Workout Routine

If you suffer from low back pain or wish to improve your posture, try working out your back to strengthen these muscles. However, knowing what exercises to perform can get tricky. Here are some tips to utilize when creating a solid back routine for a stronger upper body.


Before exercising, warm up with some light stretching. Stretching will prepare your body both mentally and physically for exercise, so try not to skip this step. For stretches, implement yoga into your daily routine. According to Body Flows, some great poses for opening up the back muscles include child’s pose, cat-cow breathing, downward dog, and cobra. Additionally, you can also foam roll to work out any tight knots in your back. This should feel soothing and also ease the pain of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Weight Training

According to Jacoby & Meyers, over a million back injuries occur in the workplace every year, and back injuries are one of the most common injuries sustained from car accidents. To strengthen and protect your back as best as you can from these unfortunate, but common dilemmas, take up strength training. Lift weights anywhere from three to five times a week. However, never lift more than you can handle. Instead, start at a moderate weight and stick to an eight to 15 repetition range.

Dumbbells rows, assisted pull ups, bicep curls, shoulder presses, and deadlifts are exceptional exercises for building a stronger back. Also, learn the law of progressive overload, as this is the key to any muscle-building program. The law of progressive overload states that the body can adapt to any stimuli you through its way, so challenge it constantly. However, sometimes working out isn't enough to get back to where you were pre-injury.

Proper Diet

When building muscle, your diet plays a large role in tandem with your exercise program. Ensure that you’re consuming enough protein. A general rule is to consume one kilogram of protein per pound of body weight. Also, Team USA recommends you eat a healthy source of carbohydrates before every workout since carbs help fuel the body and can maximize your time at the gym.

Back injuries are common, but thankfully, there are ways you can help prevent them. You don’t have to be a personal trainer to craft a solid regimen. Remember to stretch beforehand, implement weight training and eat a clean diet for the best results.

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