Why Are People Saying Sitting Is Bad For Your Health?

Sitting too much does appear to be bad for your health. Many studies have been conducted on this less than active activity showing relations to health issues. Diseases, as well as overall poor health, have been attributed to dormant activity.

You Are More Likely to Gain Weight

A sedentary lifestyle can put you on the route to obesity. Studies show the toll watching television has on levels of obesity. Since watching television is usually a sitting activity, the more hours you are involved, the more likely you will gain weight. Admittedly, one study went on observing the high level of food commercials as well. It may be that inactivity is the key factor in obesity and diabetes development.

It Can Increase Your Risk Of Developing Diseases

There have been multiple studies showing sitting too much is at the root of numerous diseases. Among a few are type 2 diabetes and heart disease since your body will begin to produce less insulin. One study showed how prolonged periods of just sitting increased this risk and why the American Diabetes Association started a “Get Fit Don’t Sit” Day. The object was to break up extended spans of sitting to less than 90 minutes at a time. Even cancer and high blood pressure have been looked at as being caused by prolonged sitting. The study showed that men who sat more than six hours a day were at a higher risk. Prolonged sitting, such as what often happens when watching television, can lead to an increased risk of embolism. Dementia and depression are drawing attention for studies to be conducted believing prolonged sitting to be involved.

Sitting Makes You Lazy

So the hard truth is, prolonged sitting will cause you to want to sit more. Your muscles are less stimulated due to the inactivity resulting in less blood being moved around. Less blood movement means less energy, and fatigue will set in. Others have reported chronic neck and back pain becoming less noticeable due to more activity. If you are overweight, this mentality may cause you to search out jobs allowing you to sit as well as limiting your desire for more strenuous activities. Contrarily, standing encourages you to move more.


Many major health issues are now being accredited to prolonged sitting. From back issues to life-threatening diseases, sitting is a chief factor. If nothing else, it shows that it is good to limit your time on the sofa to find more productive activities.

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