3 Daily Habits for Sustained Physical & Mental Well-Being

Feeling better physically and mentally is a matter of finding good habits and making them a daily part of life. Despite all the medical advances we have made, sustaining physical and mental well-being often comes down to getting back to the basics. Here are a few essentials to practice every day.

Morning and Evening Meditations

Meditation doesn't mean you have to completely clear your mind of all thoughts. That is not even possible. It simply means training your mind to let thoughts go and be completely in the moment. Anyone can do it, and it has lasting positive effects on well-being.

Regular meditation can help you overcome anxiety, sleep better and have a stronger immune system. Your body and mind benefit, and you can sometimes feel the calming effect of meditation within minutes of starting the practice. There are plenty of books and apps to help you get started and stick to the habit.

Begin the morning with a meditation that will help you focus and set intentions for the day. End the day with a meditation to help you relax and let go of stress before trying to sleep.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

We live in a world that never goes to sleep. You may take your phone with you to bed and end up scrolling through social media or news until the wee hours. This makes it hard to get up early and to get quality rest. Since lack of sleep is detrimental to physical and mental health, creating smart sleep habits is key to your well-being.

Our bodies are made to rise with the light and shut down with the dark. We have altered that pattern with artificial lighting, but we tend to sleep better and feel more energetic when we line back up with the early to bed, early to rise advice. In fact, some parts of our bodies rebuild and regenerate better when we stick to this kind of sleep cycle, helping us feel better overall.

Make sure you have a good bed, a dark room, and a set bedtime schedule. Mattress quality varies enormously on measures of pressure relief, back pain reduction, firmness and price, so find the right mattress to experience both the proper quality and quantity of sleep.

Make Connections

In an ever-connected world, you can still feel very alone. Without secure, face-to-face relationships to offer support and comfort, your body and mind can suffer. That's why staying truly connected to a close network of people in life is essential to your overall well-being.

Close relationships can help you fight depression, increase emotional intelligence and decrease blood pressure. Friendships or romantic relationships count, and cultivating these relationships over time protects you from physical and mental problems. It's true that relationships require work, and not every one of them ends well, but it's still worth the risk to find your core group of people you can depend on in good times and bad.

Simple habits make a big difference in how you feel mentally and physically. Take care of yourself completely for better overall well-being.

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