Essentials to Keep in Mind When Training for a Big Run

Whether you are training for that 26.2 mile-run or just wanting to improve your health, training to run or running to train is great for your body and soul. However, it is always important to be prudent and careful where it’s due. Here are several essentials to keep in mind as your start training for your big run.

Pay More Attention to Your Diet

It is important to understand the difference between diet during training (before or after exercise) and diet in general for optimal health and energy. To best stay in top shape, it will be critical that you hydrate frequently, eat whole grains and low-fat dairy products, as well as implement lots of fruits and vegetables (especially dark, leafy greens) into your diet. Also, stay away from alcohol.

However, you should treat your training diet a bit differently. Before running, you will need enough fuel for your body. The best source of this is found in carbohydrate-rich foods and lean proteins. Try pasta, rice, or oats for your carbs and avocados, nuts, and chicken for your proteins. For post workout, try a banana and peanut butter for muscle recovery, or cottage cheese and berries for a replenishment of electrolytes and antioxidants. If you can’t get enough of these nutrients in food, there are also lots of supplements you can take to help your training.


Pain Management

Training involves some pain and discomfort from sore muscles. How you treat this pain matters a lot. While painkillers can decrease your performance and recovery, it is always best to use natural methods rather than synthetic pills. One of the best ways to naturally ease pain or discomfort is with CBD. Among CBD’s uses is the ability to manage chronic pain. CBD contains certain receptors that inhibit your body from absorbing certain chemicals that spike pain—so, it is worth a try!


Be Aware of Your Limits

It is an admirable ambition to train for a long run—whether to get in shape, achieve a goal, or to run for a cause. And while ambition and determination are great attitudes, they can sometimes lead to excessiveness, which is never good. When training for a long run, like a marathon, it is critical to be aware of your body’s limitations so as to prevent injury. In other words, train smart.


If you have had any medical issues in the past, make sure to take it with your doctor or a physician. They can help you implement the right amount of caution as you pursue training. Furthermore, don’t push yourself more than you can handle. While discomfort is normal during training, you should never feel sharp pains. And be careful training in areas that are dry or extremely hot or cold. Never put yourself into a dangerous situation.

Running is a wonderful source of exercise. It can also be a great way to socialize or participate in a good cause. Runners tend to stay healthy and strong well into old age. Be sure to implement these essentials into your training so you can enjoy all the benefits running has to offer.

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